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In order to offer our customers a high level of flexibility, we allow them to participate in the building process on their own - if they wish to do that.
Passive houses, thanks to their high performance insulation, have a very low energy need and can easily become energy independent.
In order to reach that goal we offer you the following energy package based on energetic calculations:

- photovoltaic conversion plant

- air-water heat pump

- large warm water reservoir

- mechanic ventilation system with warm recovery

- solar cells
   Passive houses excel by having a very low energy consumption (according to EU terminology) and have a very efficient insulation. They consume less than 15KWh/m² per year.

   In order to maintain this energetical performance, the outer walls and the roof must have a thermical resistance of Rt > 9m²K/W or Uwert < 0,11W/m²K as well as the windows must have an Uwert of < 0,7m²K and triple glass next to high performance window frames.

   In order to be able to accomplish those requests, we offer an insulation of the outer walls and the roof with a thickness of 350mm in two layers, mineral wool from Knauf towards the inside and high density fiberwood from Steico towards the outside. The latter is responsible for delaying the heat of the sun entering the house for up to 12 hours. In practice the outer walls have an Uwert = 0,1W/m²K and the roof an Uwert = 0,09W/m²K.

   Our way of construction correspond with the EU directive 31/2010 which was signed by all EU members and will be in force from 31.12.2018 for all new public buildings and from 31.12.2020 for all further new buildings in order to lower the energy consumption drastically, which is commonly know as passive houses.

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