Customer Benefits
Low investment costs, probably the best price/performance ratio on the market.

Very low maintenance costs and exploitation of the energetical independence.

Bioclimatic ambience, ecological and healthy for the inhabitants of these houses (the outer walls and the roof are breathable).

High thermic comfort during winter and summer thanks to double layer insulation made of mineral wool and fiberwood.

We offer 30 years guarantee and a life expectancy of approximately 100 years thanks to best quality materials! With exception of the wood, all materials are from wellknown German producers (Knauf, Steico, Doerken, Henkel, Veka, Salamander).

All our construction objects are being built tailor-made according to the architectural plans of the customer.

The high energetical performance (15KWh/m² per year) allows for a subsidization of the KfW Bank.

We can recommend you an architect if you wish.